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Payment Term Discounts

Receivables lets you give discounts to your customers when they pay for their debit items before a certain date. Discounts are determined by the payment terms you assign to your customers. You can also choose whether to allow discounts for partial payments and specify how you want Receivables to calculate the discount on your invoices.

Cost Flow in WIP

The WIP valuation accounts are charged when material is issued to a job or schedule, or when resources, outside processing, or overhead is earned by a job or schedule. The same accounts are relieved when assemblies are completed from a job or schedule.

Tax Book

The Initial Mass Copy program populates the tax book from the corresponding corporate book. It copies all the existing assets in the corporate book.  You can create as many tax books as you need,
maintain your asset information in your corporate book, and then update your tax books with assets and transactions from your corporate book.


You cannot reinstate assets retired in the previous fiscal year. You can reinstate only the most recent partial retirement. You can reinstate both individual and mass retirement transactions. You can use Oracle Assets to retire a group of assets by populating an external interface table with these assets, setting the line status to POST, and running the Post Mass Retirements process.

Retirement Transactions

You cannot retire an asset if you added it in the current period. Instead, you must enter your retirement as a prior period retirement after you run depreciation. Or if you do not want to create any journal entries, use Edit, Delete Record from the menu in the Asset Details window to delete the asset any time in the current period.

Asset Retirements

Asset is retired when it is no longer in service. For example, retire an asset that was
stolen, lost, or damaged, or that you sold or returned. You can retire an entire asset or you can partially retire an asset.
• When you retire an asset by units, Oracle Assets automatically calculates the fraction of the cost retired
• When you retire an asset by cost, the units remain unchanged and the cost retired is spread evenly among all assignment lines.

1.8 Time and Material Labor Schedules

Use the Time & Material Labor Schedule window to set up schedules for the Depot
Repair Business Process. This is required to process any labor transaction in the Debrief
form accessed from the Repair Tasks tab in the Repair Orders form.
From the Navigator, use the following path to access the Time & Material Labor
Schedule window:
Service Request > Setup > Charges > T&M Labor Schedule.

1.7 IB Transaction Sub Types

Each Service Activity that is required to process an Installed Base trackable item must have an Installed Base Transaction Sub Type with the same name as the Service Activity. For example, for the Service Activity named Return for Repair, we define the corresponding Transaction Sub Type with the name Return for Repair.

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