How to Disabla Move Order LIne Level Approval


      Is any body have idea how to disable the line level approval flow  for Move Order Workflow in Inventory.

      And the notifaction direct come to the preparer instead of item Planner.

     The user want to view the header id with all the line itme in a single approve. So that he can approve all line

      once at a time.

     Any help Appriceate



Expense Item

1. What is the setup for expense item?
2. Significance of Purchasable & Purchased option?
3. Significance of Customer Ordered & Customer Orders enabled?

HI All,Hope some...

HI All,

Hope some one can help me here...

I have a requirement here where in when I am migrating the item instance iformation from legacy system to Oracle, I should check for the inventory item status and if its not 'Active', the status should be changed to active.

So wanted to know any possible ways to update the item status through pl/sql code.

Sub-Inventory Transfer Policy I...

Sub-Inventory Transfer Policy

I am writing a simple policy on Sub-Inventory and Inter ORG Transfers, any suggestions?

 Inventory Accounting in...

 Inventory Accounting in Cash Basis Accounting System:

Hello Every One,

Can any one help me out in finding out what will be the accounting treatment for inventory transaction in cash basis accounting.



where do we set...

where do we set number of transaction workers for the Interface managers.


like Cost Manager  Triggers for Material cost transaction worker .

TeamI need a...


I need a solution for a particular item.
Item has enough stock in the inventory.
when i do sub inventory transfer from one SI1 to SI2, i and when i save the form i am getting an error message -
Transaction Processor error.
For more info, please look into the attached screen shot.
This is in Oracle 11i
All concurrent manager are up.
I need a solution for the above issue.

+91 98844 36131

Hi When i transfer...

Hi When i transfer an item through sub inventory transfer from one org to another, i am getting an error transaction processor error.
It happens for one particular item
For rest its fine.
Item has enough stock in the inventory.

Please see the attached file for the same.

WIP Completion in Mobile...

WIP Completion in Mobile Application does not generate & print LPN Content Label. How can I generate the same label? Can anyone guide us for the same. I have completed the necessary set up for Label type, Business flow, Printer set up. But the same is not working. Any input?

Hi Sirs.  &...

Hi Sirs.

          I have a problem in oracle transaciton. Actually our oraganization implement ebusniess suite in 2007.
          Implementers upload the inventory mean ( item,item category + transcation ( opening , In,Out ,Tranfer between 
         different stores. And at that time user didn't continue work on oracle inventory system they continue legecy system.
         Now our managment wants to start inventory system again so for that purpose i need to reload ( delete the old
         transcations and upload 2010 transactions ) the transcation of 2010 ( open + In+ out + tranfers) .
         for this i need help how i do that.

Hi All,I need...

Hi All,

I need the name of the API for Transact Move Order In Oracle Inventory.

Thanks in advance.

Vijay G




My breif question is...

My breif question is as follows.
When creating an item in item master, we have to define all segments of "main category", "Sub Cat.", and so on.
but in the main description all information has to be entered manually (re-write again)...

is it possibile that this description be automatically generated through data posted in segments (main/sub category, specification etc.)?

Hi all,This issue...

Hi all,

This issue is very urgent for us. I am trying from last two days.
        I am trying to do one form personalization in transact move order
           Navigation :- Oracle inventory--> MoveOrder-->Transact moveOrder.
 Requirement is for the particular user i need to disable Transact button if source subinventory is other than MAIN STR.
Can any one help me how to do this form personalizaton? If any one knows about this please send setups for my below mention gmail

Can we make an...

Can we make an item lot, serial, lpn and loctor controlled ?

Does oracle inventory provide this facility out of the box???

or we need any kind of customization to achieve.

All suggestions are welcome

what would happen if...

what would happen if there is no relation between the primary uom and secondary uom.

 Are there any...

 Are there any ways to do Task Assignment to the mobile users other than using warehouse control board.

What is the purpose...

What is the purpose of used Secondary UOM in oracle inventory? how to set up and transaction against Secondary UOM?

What is the used...

What is the used of Secondary UOM in oracle inventory? what set up steps required to used secondary uom transactions in oracle inventory?

Ankur Modi.

Hi AllI have...

Hi All I have one issue. How to update locator id to already received items. We have received items in to FG subinventory with out locator info eventhough this subinventory having locator control as predefined. Now we are unable to transact these items due to they dont have locator info. Pls help me how to update locator ids to these already receioved items. Pls post the solution Regards Phani

I have 2 questions:1. On...

I have 2 questions:

1. On a Requisition Move Order, the Header status goes from Incomplete to Approved and it stays in Approved Status even after the lines are allocated and transacted.
After the MO is transacted, Line Status is Closed, whereas Header Status is till in Approval. Can anyone help?

2. I find the Pick Slip is ready to be printed, even before lines are allocated, although the pick slip says it is unallocated. Why is that?

Thanks for your help


I am seeing an...

I am seeing an issue with one of our operations in that the user scans the locator barcode, but the mobile device actually posts a different location to the WMS.  The "shift" in the locator entered is random, though a recent example occured where the user scanned the locator for location 201601.. and the transaction confirmed the locator as 111601.. 

The barcodes are confirmed correct in their construction, and use the "21L" data identifier for the locator.

The users are using the WMS Mobile Interface and the devices are Motorola MC-9090s.  From pictures I have, I see the "To Loc" field populated with the scanned locator, but the "Confirm" field is completely different.  

We are trying to devise possible causes and solutions right now.  Any experience with similar issues would be greatly appreciated


Does the material delivered...

Does the material delivered into this type of subinventory remain as intransit material? Or it is in a state between intransit - onhand?

by er_tomas - 05/27/2011 - 20:39


Inventory General PlanningHi,...

Inventory General Planning

Hi, I have to setup the automatic planning for an ORG and not sure what is the best methodology to use in General Planning. Min / Max ? Reorder point ? what is your experience ?


Is it possible to...

Is it possible to change the cost group accounts of a subinventory if there is on hand in the subinventory ?

Getting error " Asset Group...

Getting error " Asset Group must be unit effective" even project manufacturing parameters are set.

cant access item master...

cant access item master

In our vision instance I am trying to create a new item but when I click on the item master I get the below error message

You must allow access to at least one attribute group

All the tabs in item form are greyed out.
Please check the below screenshit

how to fix this issue????

 hi to all,...

 hi to all,

i have create abc classes and abc complie and abc assignment group ,the creation have no problem ,all have these forms are saved .
i have problem in assigning items to groups
in form abc assign items have problem when i give inventory value item % value % it show errors;

app_inv_05093 :check the class breakpoint assignments ,every class has to have breakpoint assigned to it and it then to be grater then the break point of the breakpoint of the previous class 

note :
i have used vision operation organization and content scope and valuation scope as organization level 
and criterion as "current onhand quantitiy"; three classes


please any one help me what is use seq ,inventory value ,item%,value in all criterion (current onhand quanlity,current onhand value ,historical usage onhand quality ) with an example ....

please help me in regard thank in advances...

How to load the...

How to load the manfacturer part numbers in to R12 from legacy system. is there any API/or interface for that Regards BusiReddy

Hi,I have a...


I have a basic question on the item segments ... The requirement by the client is that in 1 Operating unit they would want 2 segments and another OU(UK) they may require 5 segments . How can this be achieved?


Can WCB be autorefreshed...

Can WCB be autorefreshed without hitting on re-quering and hitting on Find button? I see the WCB as a control board where in the tasks should be auto updated with the latest information. -Mothi

Hi, We are evaluating...

We are evaluating to implement Oracle Warehouse Management System with R12.1.3 version for our large warehouses. 
I have couple of questions. If  some one can give guidance it would be highly appreciated.
1. Can we assign Put Away tasks to operators? i see one of metalink note saying we can not assign Inbound tasks to operators.
2. Warehouse Control Board - can we have it auto refreshed when ever the task status gets changed? i see this as a control board which will be accessed by warehouse supervisor, Everytime hitting on Refreshing seems going to be a pain.

Please advise.

Can serial numbers be...

Can serial numbers be a complex format? E.g. [0-9][0-9][A-Z][A-Z][0-9][0-9] for a six character serial number, where both the numeric and alpha portions can increment? Thanks!

Can serial numbers be...

Can serial numbers be in a "complex" format? An example format would be [0-9][0-9][A-Z][A-Z][0-9][0-9], which has 2 alphas surrounded by numerics. The numerics increment, and when wraparound occurs, the alpha portion is bumped. For example, after 99AA99 would be 00AB01. Can Oracle Inventory manage this? I'm not getting that impression from what I see in the user guide.

Thanks in advance!

we have situation where...

we have situation where one Org raises requisition for material and the other Org Transfers by the way Inter Org transfer.. we are not looking at ISO because we have Fright calculation involving in the transfer..

Please Look Into this matter and provide Necessary solution


Cycle CountWe use...

Cycle Count
We use daily cycle counting (Using On Hand Value) with only 1 class and only 1 compile a year, the Sox's Auditor has asked how do we know that we have counted all Items. 
She has selected an Item that has been in the Compile for the last 2 year and throught has had movements in and out, but it does not appear on the Cycle Count entries and adjustments report.
What possible explaination can i give her?


Tag Generation process is...

Tag Generation process is generating tags but its not printing the tag number details

What is difference between...

What is difference between INTER CLASS & INTRA CLASS ITEMS.

How to create the...

How to create the R12 Inventory setups?(SOB onwards)

I've done the cycle...

I've done the cycle count and approved. now how do the adjustments get to the GL?


what is back order in transact moveorder window? or what is backorder in inventory?

what are the key...

what are the key integration points of inventory with other applications?

move order return

hello,is it possible to return move order once approved and submited to the one who transact the move order?

oracle finance

out pit the tell me pz wating 4uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

direct transfer

is it possible to have a unit of measure of case from the warehouse and transfer it to a distrabution area where the unit of measure is each and do this under the same oracle number without it affecting the reorder point of the ain warehouse?

Customization on Move Order Approval Workflow

Move order Approval workflow works based on the item planner -> item attribute. If no planner is specified on the item, the requisition line will be automatically approved. We have a requirement to have this approval routed to the employee's manager rather than the std oracle workflow hierarchy to send it to the item planner. Please suggest the best method to achieve this requierment.

Item attributes

there are 17 tabs and i think 257 item attributes in item master window.and i need a documentabout the item attributes defination for understanding purpose.Item attributes to be kept in master level or Organization Level. Which attribute is going to be kept at master or organization level? thank you very much.


MSCA Setup no data found

item defination and codification

Whether animals are defined as stackable item in inventory or non stocable item and treated as fixed asset or expense items? p/s i need a document and would you share me international best practice if any.thank you very much.



Min-max parameters at subinventory level min-max planning

I am assigning subinventory to an item and want to use min-max planning. Should I enter min-max qty under general planning tab or by going into Tools-Item subinventories?

ABC Analysis

Must we use ABC Analysis? Can we just schedule and do manual cycle counts?

Inter Org Transfers

Is automtic numbering possible for Inter Org Transfers (Intransit)through Form Personalization, if yes, how can it be attained & if no then can it be done by Customization? and how. Thanks

Inter Org Transfers

Is automatic numbering possible for Inter Org Transfers (Intransit)through Form Personalization, if yes, how can it be attained & if no then can it be done by Customization? and how. Thanks Charoo

different physical attributes for the same item

Hi I have 1 Item with different Physical Attributes. Please share how can i have it in the Oracle Inventory module and how will select when i try to place order in Order Management Regards Ershad

Physical Location based Cycle Counting

I need step by step instructions for executing location-based cycle counting. I do not want/need to do ABC Analysis, the item value or classification doesn't matter for this.

Sales & Revenue in Oracle 11i

Does these words have diffeernt meaning in oracle. In some modules I see the term sales - Inventory but in AR/GL its revenue Are these terms mean the samething as in normal business or Oracle (Miracle!!!) has different meaning

when will -1 user_id in item interface

when -1 will be at user_id in item interface .what is meaning for -1 at user_id..

Inventory costing

Would you send me a document for inventory costing methods?

Automating GL Transfers from Inventory

Is it possible to schedule the GL Transfer from Inventory module? We are currently running this manually every few days and I am trying to find out if this can be automated.

single inventory account

We have a practice to use a different inventory account/budget account rather Dear all; than single inventory account. would you send me step for how to map different account to single inventory account . thank you.

When we will use the Backflush Trasfer Transaction Type

In the navigation INV-> Transactions -> subinventory transfer . subinventory transfr window will open in the TYPE field , in the LOV we will have two types of transfer Backflush and subinventory Transfer . In this when we will use the Backflush Transfer . pls check the attached file Thanks in advance

Regarding asset issue

Can i issue the asset to department?

inter org account payables

how inter org payable and receivable closed after inter org transfer and receiving transaction

Shipping networks setup vs. IR/ISO

Is it possible to avoid the IR/ISO proces setups and use shipping networks from a US OU to a Canada OU with a shipment to the Canada OU customer final destination ?

Multiple Approval in Move Order

Can we have Multiple Approver in Move Order

Cycle Count Reservation in Oracle Inventory Module

I'm looking for a quick way to delete a cycle count reservation record instead of having to generate a manual request, generate the cycle count list, then enter in the exact count of the subinventory/locator in the cycle count entries form to get the reservation to be cancelled out/removed. I was hoping I could do it from the reservation form but this doesn't not seem to be the case. Any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

system admin activities

dear all, would you send me a document for system administrator like,define responsibility,define menu,define user,attaching users to responsibility and responsibility level profile? thank you in advance.

Stockable and Transactable

In what instance would you want an item to be Stockable but not Transactable?

How to extend the shelf life for expired date

please advice how to extend the expired lot for shelf life control material

Unable to Enter misc issues transaction

Hi All, The business maintains items with lot control. When I check a particular items say ABC001 maintained without lot number. There are 10 quantities available without lot number. User realised and changed the master items, inventory tab, lot control option as 'Full control' from 'no control'. Here I must mention one point. Actually we cannot change the lot control options when there is a stock available in inventory. My understanding is that to change the lot control option at master item level first we must ensure that there is no stock available in inventory. But how they could change the lot control option, I am not getting any clue. Now the issue is we have to raise a misc issue transaction for 10 quantities of ABC001. and then we have to enable lot control option to 'full control' and have to raise a misc receipt with lot numbers. Now I am either unable to raise misc issue and/or not able change lot control option at master items. Kindly help me on urgent basis. Thanks in advance. JPReddy.

item master updation history in detail

Hi all, I would like to know is there any way to see item master updation history. Question in detail: If any body updates the item master attributes, for ex : lot control attribute in inventory tab is updated by somebody. can we see the updation history like who has updated (other than record history), when is updated, what is the attribute updated, what was there before updation etc.,, Please help me. Thanks in advance. JPReddy.

include in rollup

In item master when I define a new item the filed 'include in rollup' is getting disbaled automatically. what could be the reason

Cost organizations

what are cost they are different from Inv organizations

update average item cost with api or interfase

I need to update average item cost from some items, I need a script about how to populate this interfase and concurrent name to perform the apis, I am working in EBS 12

Inventory Org Name and Address (Location) change

Hi All, Business is asking to change Inventory Organization Name and Address (Location) change. Kindly let me know quickly will there be any impact, if I change organization Name, and address(location) for existing Inventory organization. My leader says to check Open POs/ Sales orders and downstream etc., My view is that there won't be any impact on Open Pos and Sales Orders. But I am not sure about downstream. I am not sure the matter, kindly provide me your views and analysis ASAP. So that I shall take decision on the issue. Thanks a lot in advance. JP

kanban replenishment How changes automatically the supply status

I want to use kanban replenishment but I don´t know why kanban card doesn´t change the supply status, the first cycle made good,but when I retired the quantity the kanban card not change automatically please help me, I have to change always the supply status?

track in installed base

We know that Service Request flag enables a work ticket or service request to be generated for the product/item, is there any other logic or processing that flag drives, in any of the other modules such as OM or SCM, etc.

SR flag in item creation

We know that Service Request flag enables a work ticket or service request to be generated for the product/item, is there any other logic or processing that flag drives, in any of the other modules such as OM or SCM, etc.

Cycle Count

(1.) What is the effect if an actual count is never entered on the line? (2.) Will it be scheduled on a different date? (3.) Now that we’re in a new year, new cycle counts are created. If the line is still open on a different cycle count (for 2012), will the item be scheduled on the new cycle count for 2013? (4.) If previous schedules will affect scheduling on another order, how do we eliminate the old uncounted lines?

Cycle Count

(1.) What is the effect if an actual count is never entered on the line? (2.) Will it be scheduled on a different date? (3.) Now that we’re in a new year, new cycle counts are created. If the line is still open on a different cycle count (for 2012), will the item be scheduled on the new cycle count for 2013? (4.) If previous schedules will affect scheduling on another order, how do we eliminate the old uncounted lines?

Demand for Kanban

The kanban formula given in user guide is (C - 1) * S = D * A * (L + SSD) Where D is the avg demand but from where system gets the value of D?

meaning of demand class

Inventory - Demand class

Meaning of Demand class

Wht is different between star item & configure item

Can any one pl tell me Wht is different between Star Item & Configure Item

Order Date Type

How do you set up the Order Date Type. I have reviewed OM and INV guides and they are vague at best

Min Max Planning

What are the demands for Min-Max planning.

ABC Classification

How can we do ABC Classification on product wise. We have 3 products, out of which 1 is very high value. When we do the classification on basis of MRP usage value, all the components of product A coming out as class A. We want system to define ABC on relative cost of each product for planning purpose.

Time Phased Safety Stock

Is there a way to enter a safety stock quantity (manually) or have it calculated such that I have 90 days of supply of my end-items from Jan-July (We are a shop with seasonal demand and need more inventory onhand during these months) Thanks, Su

Accounting Entries

What are the entries generated for Issues, Receipts, transfers, in inventory along with sub-ledgers

Lot and Serial Date Notification

Starting R12,Oracle Inventory now includes material aging workflow. This can be achieved thro' the Lot and Serial Date Notification concurrent program. Using this program,users have the option to send a notification to planners or generate a Work Order. However,there is no clarity or documentation whatsoever on this program.This program includes a parameters Date Context and Date Type.Don't know what/how these parameters can be setup. The question is how can I use this program to send notifications to planners 'n' days before the actual expiry of lots?

what is part no?...

what is part no? can you please explain.