R12 on windows XP

From where can I get oracle R12 to insatll on my PC running on windows XP

Gob, Position and Grade

What is the basic difference between Job, position and grade.

can some one plz explian with real life example

account entries

what are all the account entries in a normal P2P and O2C cycle

what is the usage of accounting period

what is the usage of accounting period why we need different A/C periods - GL, Inv, PO, AP, AR

Audit trail

Can some one explain me what is audit trial

I have defined...

I have defined Periodic Alert in the applications, but i am not receving the mail notifaction to my mail ID
Even though i have configured my mail to that instance

Oracle certified expertAny...

Oracle certified expert

Any OCE here..

I am planning to go for IZ0 204 and IZ0 226

Want to know about the question pattern, level and if possible some sample question

Hi,Can you all...


Can you all please share some documents related to PSB (Public sector budgeting) like TE040,BR100,etc



Hi,Can you all...


Can you all please share some documents related to PSB (Public sector budgeting) like TE040,BR100,etc



What is the future...

What is the future of Oracle E-business Application?

Last week I attended a seminar on oracle’s new application ‘Oracle Fusion Application’ . Oracle already has many ERP
packages wit it Like EBS, PeopleSoft and JDE.. Are they trying to replace all these products by fusion application..

What is the long term plan for oracle?

issue with depreciation method...

issue with depreciation method

I have created a new depreciation method with a tabular rate but the value is not coming in the asset category depreciation method lov.

though I can see the depreciation method in report listing
Is there any concurrent program that we need to run to make the newly created depriciation method available for asset /category assignment..

PRC: Interface Invoices to...

PRC: Interface Invoices to Receivables is getting erred out with below error message :

  The Num of Transaction...5

The Number  of Func Transaction - Regular...6

Testing 1..

Rec Ccid: 12833, Rnd Ccid: 12833, UNB Ret CCid:126015 

Business Group ID    202 

org Struct Ver ID   2 

Basic Language Code US 

ORA-01403: no data found


ORACLE error occurred while fetching project information

Error occurred while transferring project with ID 3297. 


what could be the reason

Top 3 Oracle Service Providers :...

Top 3 Oracle Service Providers : Accenture, IBM & Infosys
Forrester evaluated 14 leading global services providers in the Oracle applications market to assess strengths, weakness, and differences in strategy. This report will help Oracle application buyers navigate the crowded landscape of service providers that can help with implementation, application support, and hosting. Key applications covered include E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Hyperion, Demantra, Retek, G-Log, Primavera, and Oracle GRC. Oracle services buyers should use the report and the associated Excel-based tool to short-list potential providers for their Oracle applications needs and to understand key trends in the Oracle services market that may impact their services sourcing decision.

1. Accenture: 4.4
2. IBM: 4.3
3. Infosys: 4.24
4. Oracle Consulting : 3.83
5. TCS: 3.78
6. Wipro : 3.82
7.  Deloitte: 3.76
8.  Capgemini: 3.67
9. Cognizant: 3.43


Are there any setups...

Are there any setups to have only one active member for the roles in a project.
Like for Delivery Manager, I should have only once active user just like project manager.

Satish Yakkala

Workflow administratorThough I...

Workflow administrator

Though I have access to the Workflow administrator, I can access only those who workflows which are created by my id but not others work flow.

This is a development instance and I want see the WFs of other like PO approver and etc.

how can I access that


Does anyone have a...

Does anyone have a list of R12 setups that cannot be changed once you save them?  I'm looking for a comprehensive list includes all modules.  Or at least the following modules (GL, AP, AR, PO, OM, FA)

how to default the...

how to default the correct current session language in 11i

Its always defautling to the local language and each user manually modify it.

The default language profile is set to English

How good is noetix

We are evaluating to use noetix for reporting purpose. How good is the tool. Is it worthy to buy the license

Project Costing

Can we define Budgetary controls in Project costing without using the Budget integration workflow?

EAM Material Transaction

Hi I 've done the basic setups for EAM in a new test instance. I created a PMS and a work order. I am able to make resource trnx against the WO but system is not showing the WO in material trx window. The WIP supply type is PUSH and the Job is in released status. Can any one please help. Thanks, S Pal

What is meaning of FPO

What is meaning of FPO


We recently changed our inspection from one department to another. Anyone know how to do a mass change for the department in routing?

Event: JavaOne and Oracle Develop 2012

JavaOne and Oracle Develop conference is taking place at Hyderabad this year on 3-4 may 2012(Link: http://www.oracle.com/javaone/in-en/index.html?pcode=WWMK11024795MPP084&src=7268797&Act=155). I wasn’t able to make it last year but hoping to catch tracks on JAVA ME and User Experience technologies this year. Hoping to see some you guys there :D

exporting to excel from an oracle form

When I do file/export in a form to save the data, there is no prompt which comes up for the file name and location. Where is it saving to or is a profile for my userid not setup the way it needs to be?

File/export in oracle forms to save data

When I do file/export in a form to save the data, there is no prompt which comes up for the file name and location. Where is it saving to or is a profile for my userid not setup the way it needs to be?

Project Billing R12

Is there any explanation about Project Billing for R12 with the deference between R11 and R12?

Webservice to create Requisition in Oracle Apps

We have a VMS (Vendor Management System) built using Peoplesoft. We have customers who are using Oracle EBS, who login to our system in several ways. we are now trying to implement Oracle EBS and our customers integrating the data into their system. One way is iProc which is straight forward. The second method is the customers are going to login to our system and they want to integrate the data into their system. I would like to know if we have a webservice in EBS, which can consume data from Peoplesoft and create requisitions in EBS.

PRC: Generate Draft Revenue

When we can use parameter Adjusting Revenue - YES while running process "PRC: Generate Draft Revenue for a Single Project" Regards, VD

Training Center in Pune

Hi What is the best training center for oracle in Pune, India ? How much the oracle training courses costs? Thanks, Veren

Sourcing rules

What is the difference between sourcing at the Item level vs the Item/Org level?

Service Request

I am getting below error message while trying to create a service request the user-resource link has not been setup correctly what could be the reason ?


Hi, Can you please help us with the AME module?

What is end to end business flow for service contracts?

Hi, Just I had a doubt whie doing service contracts ie what is end to end business flow for service contracts?

Topics on OPM module in oracleUG

Is there any article on Oracle Process Manufacturing in oracleUG ? The list of modules does not have OPM.

How to default corporate exchange rate type in sales order

How to default corporate exchange rate type in sales order

A Required Cost Rate is Missing.

Project Super User-View Work plan-Expand all-click on Resources-Update Progress-Enter Actual Effort for People Type of Resource-Calculate-Errors out saying A Required Cost Rate is Missing.

Actual Effort for labors

I've created some tasks and assigned some resources like Mason,semi- skilled labor to this particular task and they are not employees of the organisation. In the "Rate schedule" form under "Project costing " responsibility for the "Job" i've defined the above labors. For the particular task,when i try to enter the Actual Effort in hours ,using the update progress button,system was throwing the error ,"required cost rate is missing" against the category of mason and semiskilled labor. i'll be thankful if anyone help me on this issue

iExpense read only reporting options

What access can be given to project accountants so they can 'read only' or view any iExpense items coded to specific projects by any cardholder?

I've created an Expenditure...

I've created an Expenditure type "Usage" for Expenditure category "Skilled Labor" who is a Non-employee of the Organisation,in Project costing responsibility.What is the Expenditure type class i've to select or should we define a new Expenditure type class.If so where to define expenditure type class or should we select the typeclass which is already defined. In the Non-Labor resource form it is not showing the expenditure type which i created.It is only showing expenditure type related to equipments only. I'll be thankful if anyone can guide me on this issue


If employee latest start date is disabled then How can we can change the date. We migrated 40 employees last week to production and now for few employees the latest start date is disabled where as system is allowing to update it for most of the records

Workflow Backround Process

Hi, Workflow backround process not completing if I select below options Deffered Process = Y Time out Process = N if i select both option as N its completing. some of the PO requistion approval not able to create auto create after final approval approved. When checked view workflow process from requisition screen worflow diagram its deffered. Please Help. GK Please

What is the difference...

What is the difference between "Shared Structures" and "Non-shared:Task based mapping" structures

transaction in pl/sql

how to save and discard transaction?

Data Migration

What is master data migration & what is transactional data migration? on the same lines is there any other category in which we can classify types of data to migrate?

Simple template requisition form for goods and services for downloading

Template should show the following at a minimum: 1. Date of Requisition 2. Name of requester 3. Description of goods or services and quantity 4. Name of source or sources.(competition is always preferable. 5. Date required 6. Four approval signature lines with name title and date. Please provide to: Will Grenz GrenzLLC wg7@theunion.net

Unable to view the Project in Move order Screen

I've created a Project using Project super user responsibility in Oracle Projects.I'm unable to see the same in the Move order screen in Inventory module.Pls help



Oracle Vs SAP

I have seen many superficial comparisons on these two great ERP products. People do talk a lot w/o having expertise in any of the product. I am trying to figure out the real differences between the two in terms of the out of the box functionality and the reason behind them. Good Ex: SAP maintains the MPN with Manufactures name in Material Master Oracle doesn’t store MPN in Item master but it stores in a different place available for Item – MPN Number cross reference. (or in Approved Supplier List) The advantage in SAP is that system directly prints the Mfg part number on PO print but Oracle doesn’t. In oracle you have to manually enter the MPN in PO. The advantage of Oracle design is that Item master has nothing to do with MPN. Its maintained separately ,you can easily maintain 1 Item to many MPN numbers. Bad Ex: Oracle WMS is not as good as SAP LE Guys, put forward the features you like or miss in any of these two ERP.

Oracle Freelancing

Hi, I want to do Oracle Freelancing , can you tell me process for it ..

Unplan the Depreciation for a specific period

An asset ha 5 years life, and at the 3 rd year we need to uplan the depreciation and the NBV has to be depreciated in next 6 months.how to do this