2.3 Updating Discrete Jobs

You can make the following changes to your discrete jobs:

  • Change the name of existing jobs in the Discrete Jobs window, but only if the WIP:Job Name Updatable profile option is set.
  • Change dates, quantities, bills, statuses, and routings.
  • Add, update, and delete operations.
  • Add, update, and delete material requirements.
  • Add, change, and delete resource requirements.
  • Implement engineering change orders in Oracle Engineering.
  • Add, change, and delete WIP Attachments..
  • If you have Oracle Shop Floor Management installed, you can create and update lot based jobs. The entire quantity of a lot based job moves on the basis of the network routing.

Changing Discrete Jobs
You can change discrete jobs using the Discrete Jobs and Discrete Jobs Summary windows. The status of the job determines if and what information can be changed.

You can increase or decrease the job quantity with no restrictions if the job is unreleased. If the job is released and work has begun on the assembly, you cannot decrease the job quantity lower than the number of assemblies that have already passed the Queue intraoperation step of the first operation. If a sales order is linked to the job, you cannot decrease the job quantity lower than the order quantity. The material requirements and job dates are automatically adjusted based upon the quantity change. If the job’s assembly is an MPS–planned item, the update process automatically adjusts the MPS relief quantity.

You can reschedule standard and non–standard jobs to respond to changes in plans or unexpected downtime by changing their start and/or completion dates and times. Jobs might require rescheduling when capacity or material schedules change, or when standards change.

You can change the status of a discrete job although some changes from one status to another are disallowed and others are conditional
Rescheduling Discrete Jobs
You can reschedule standard and non–standard discrete jobs with and without routings. You can enter job start and completion dates earlier than the current date to maintain relative date priorities for department schedules and material requirements. You can also reschedule discrete jobs by rescheduling their operations.

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