2.3 Shop Floor Statuses

Shop floor statuses can be used to control shop floor movement transactions. You can define as many shop floor statuses as are required. Shop floor statuses can be assigned to the intraoperation steps of work in process routing operations. When assigned to an intraoperation step of an operation that is associated with a particular repetitive line and assembly, the status applies to all repetitive schedules building that assembly on that line.

You can control move transactions by assigning Shop Floor Statuses to intraoperation steps on the work in process routing. For example you may want to create a “Hold for Quality Check” status that can be assigned to an intraoperation stepbefore moving to the next assembly step.

Defining Shop Floor Statuses
(N) WIP > Move Transactions > Shop Floor Statuses > Shop Floor Statuses

1. Enter an alphanumeric Status name.
For example, enter WIPHold to signify that shop floor assemblies are on WIP hold or, QAHold to signify that the shop floor assemblies are on quality assurance hold.

2. Enter a Status description.
Descriptions can be used to identify shop floor statuses on standard reports. They can be up to 240 characters of alpha numeric text.

3. Uncheck Allow Moves so that you can use this status to control move transactions. Allow Moves defaults to checked.

Assign Shop Floor Statuses
Shop floor statuses can be attached to WIP jobs in Assign Shop Floor Statuses form

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