Overview of the Supplier Item Catalog

The Supplier Item Catalog provides a simple mechanism for locating items and their source information for the purpose of creating purchase order and requisition lines. You can open the catalog from an existing requisition or purchase order and add lines to that document. Alternatively, you can open the catalog from the Navigator and search for item information from there.
Search Supplier Item Catalog Window

Purchasing displays the Search Supplier Item Catalog window whether you invoke the Supplier Item Catalog from the menu or from a requisition or purchase order. To invoke the Supplier Item Catalog from a requisition or purchase
order, select the Catalog button when the cursor is in the Lines tabbed region.

The Supplier Item Catalog does not support Outside Processing. However, you can open the Catalog from an outside processing line in a requisition or a purchase order to find other items. In the search window, lists of values show only valid values. For example, inactive suppliers are not displayed. The ”Item description contains the words” field is used for keyword
searches. If you search for ”desk executive mahogany”, you get any item whose description includes all three words. In this case you could widen the search by removing ”mahogany” and/or ”desk.” The words in the description do not have to occur in the order listed, so searches on ”desk executive” and ”executive desk” would get the same result: all items whose description included both of the words.

The Deliver To Organization and Location (when invoked from the menu or a requisition) are the Ship To Organization and Location when the window is invoked from a purchase order. Lists of values display deliver–to or ship–to values, as appropriate. For query purposes, the deliver–to actually uses the associated ship–to information.

Supplier Item Catalog Window

There are four tabbed regions in the upper screen of this folder window, but Function Security can be used to determine whether a user will be able to see all of them. A profile option (PO: Default Supplier Item Catalog Option) determines which of these tabbed regions is the default when the catalog opens from the menu and for the first time in a user  session that the catalog opens from a requisition or purchase order. If you close the catalog and reopen it from a purchase order or requisition during the same session, the default source region is the last onepreviously open.

The regions are
Negotiated Sources: Long term agreements with a supplier that support repetitive buys: Blanket purchase agreements,
quotations, planned purchase orders, and global agreements enabled for your operating unit. This tabbed region is a folder.

Actual past buys: Standard purchase orders, scheduled releases, blanket releases. This tabbed region is a folder.

Sourcing rules: There are + and – iconic buttons just below the region box. Select the + icon or Expand Sourcing Rules on the Tools menu to display source documents for the rule in a folder region. Use the – icon or Collapse Sourcing Rules on the Tools menu to collapse the region displaying the documents.  You must be in the documents region to add to the Order Pad or to select a price.

Requisition Templates: The PO: Legal Requisition Type profile option governs whether templates for supplier and internally sourced lines are displayed.This tabbed region is a folder. 

Using the Order Pad

Open the Supplier Item Catalog window by choosing Catalog in the Requisitions window to view and use the Order Pad. (The Order Pad is not available when you open the Supplier Item Catalog from the Purchase Orders window.) Select a line and click the Add button or double click to highlight the selected line in a source region and add it to the Order Pad. Validation takes place at this point, and if there is a problem, Purchasing displays a message window with an explanation.
Depending on the problem, you may or may not be permitted to add the line. Also, if Disposition messages are enabled for the Purchasing Inventory organization, they are displayed as lines and added to the Order Pad.

Order Pad Options
You enter Order Pad defaults and options in the Order Pad Options window. Navigate to the Order Pad Options window by opening the Supplier Item Catalog from a requisition and choosing the Options button while you are on the Order Pad. (Note: The Order Pad is not available when you open the Supplier Item Catalog from the Purchase Orders window.) The Order Pad Options window includes the Copy Option tabbed region, where you can specify the Supplier, Supplier Site,
Supplier Contact, FOB, Carrier, Payment Terms, and Freight Terms to be copied to the purchase order header.

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