Approval Assignments

Use the Assign Approval Groups window to associate approval groups with a specific job or position and a document type including: Purchase Requisition, Internal Requisition, Standard Purchase Order, Planned Purchase Order, Blanket Purchase Agreement, Contract Purchase Agreement, Scheduled Release, and Blanket Release. You can associate multiple approval groups with a single document type/job or position combination. Whenever you associate two or more approval groups with a single document type/job or position combination, Purchasing uses the most restrictive rule to evaluate authorization limits.

Attention: While individual approval groups do not require an enabling Account Range Include rule, every document type for each job/position must be associated with at least one approval group with this characteristic. Otherwise, employees in the associated job or position will be unable to approve this document type.

If no approval groups are associated with a particular document type for a given job or position, then employees assigned to this job or position will be unable to approve documents of this type.

To assign approval groups:

   1. Navigate to the Assign Approval Groups window.

   2. Select the Operating Unit for this approval group assignment.

   3. Enter the Position for which you want to assign approval groups and approval functions. If the Use Approval Hierarchies option in the Financial Options window is not enabled, this field is not applicable.
**The orgnization is the business group where theposition is defined.

   4. If you are not using approval hierarchies, enter the Job.

   5. Select the approval function you want to assign to this position or job.

   6. Enter the approval group that you want to assign to the selected position or job. The list of values includes only enabled approval groups with at least one approval rule. See: Defining Approval Groups.

   7. Enter the Start Date and End Date for the assignment.
Attention: The start and end dates that you assign here are the effectivity dates of the assignment. When the system date reaches the end date of the assignment, the rule no longer applies. There is no explicit warning that the rule is no longer in effect.

   8. Save your work.

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