Processing Pre-Approved Expenditures

Pre-approvedexpenditures include the following items:

  1. Expense Report
  2. Usage logs
  3. Timecards
  4. Burden transactions
  5. Inventory transactions
  6. Work in process transactions
  7. Miscellaneous transactions

These entries are generally completed on paper and approved by a supervisor, then entered into Oracle Projects.
Note: Transactions with an expenditure type class of Work in Process or Inventory are usually imported from a manufacturing system. Related burden transactions are usually generated and imported via Transaction Import.

You enter pre-approved expenditures into Oracle Projects in a batch, submit them for review, and then release them for cost distribution. The following illustration shows the steps for entering pre-approved expenditures into Oracle Projects.

Statuses for Pre-Approved Expenditure Batches

Pre-approved expenditure batches can have one of the following statuses:

  • Working The expenditure batch is not ready for review. You can enter timecards, usages, miscellaneous transactions, burden transactions, inventory transactions, or work-in-process transactions and modify their expenditures and expenditure items.
  • Submitted The batch is awaiting review. You can still retrieve the batch if you need to make corrections.
  • Released The expenditure batch has been released for cost distribution. You can reverse incorrectly entered expenditure items within the batch.

Note: You can choose Unreleased from the Status poplist in the Find Expenditure Batches window to retrieve both Working and Submitted expenditure batches.

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