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Oracle Cloud/Fusion Manufacturing Cloud training will help you develop the fundamental skills required to set up and use the Manufacturing module. This training covers all the tasks, setups, forms and reports used in Manufacturing and related modules

A quote encompasses many stages before becoming a sales order or sales agreement. These stages can include a draft, customer negotiations, internal and external business approvals. Versioning can capture changes and the transaction seamlessly converts to a
sales order or can be archived as a lost or expired quote. Quoting draws all relevant information from the Order Management schema for use by the customer service representatives (CSR), enabling a seamless flow from a quote status through a sales order.

Why Should Business use Quote?
  • The creation and management of quote as a negotiation tool and transitioning the quote to a sales order, thus acting as a single point of entry into Order Management.
  • Preparation of quote for assisted selling of products and services to customers and business partners.
  • Processing the quote with or without approvals.
  • Quick entry of order lines with minimum data entry as the information captured on the quote gets carried forward into the sales order.

Using Quotes you can:

  • Create, modify, and select quotes
  • Configure complex products
  • Manually adjust quote prices
  • Perform real time global availability checks
  • Up Sell, Cross Sell
  • Calculate taxes
  • Assign sales credits
  • Convert quotes to sales orders
  • Support E-Business requirements
  • Reduce administration expenses and increase a sales person's productivity
  • Both Quotes and Sales Agreements(SAs) use the same seeded Negotiation workflows.
  • After Customer Acceptance, Quotes transition to a sales order and Sales Agreements become Active.
  • SAs do not capture an Offer Expiration date and therefore do not leverage this functionality in the Negotiation flow.

Unsupported Features
The functionality supported with Quotes is similar to the level of support for Sales Orders. There are a few Sales Order features that are not available during the negotiation phase of a transaction including:

  • Holds
  • Scheduling
  • Copy a return from a quote.
  • Independent line flows
  • Cancellations – progress to LOST Status
  • Ship and Arrival Sets
  • Commitments
  • Quotes for returns or Internal Sales Orders
  • Sales Agreements - Can specify sales agreement reference on a quote but released quantity and released amount on a sales agreement are updated only when a quote is converted to an order

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