Fulfillment Activity

The fulfillment activity acts as a synchronization point for all lines on the order that are in a fulfillment set. The lines in the fulfillment set will wait at the fulfillment activity until all the lines in the set have reached the activity. Lines that are not in a fulfillment set simply pass through the activity.

Once the Fulfillment activity completes, a Background Workflow Process processes the order line(s) to the Invoice Interface activity. The invoice interface activity places the information from the sales order line into the Receivables Interface tables. When the information is written to the tables, the invoice interface activity is complete, and the line proceeds to the close line activity. However, note that the invoice is not actually generated until the Autoinvoice program in Receivables has been run. The invoice will then be viewable in the Sales Order window.

To fulfill an order line in Oracle Order Management means to satisfy the requirements for completion. Order Management provides the functionality required to recognize fulfillment of an order line, and to cause some order lines to wait until other related order lines have been fulfilled before processing can continue.
Order Management's fulfillment functionality provides a simple way to synchronize line workflows for multiple order lines. It allows you to prevent invoicing of lines within a fulfillment set until all lines are ready for invoicing. Seeded workflow
processes and activities can be used to provide baseline functionality for sales order, drop ship and return lines. The functionality is also designed to allow you the flexibility to define other activities as fulfillment methods so that you can model your unique business processes.

Order Management allows you to group lines into a fulfillment set and to establish a gate activity in your workflow process. Lines in a fulfillment set will wait until all lines in the set have been fulfilled to proceed through the gate. This gate is known as the fulfillment activity. The fulfillment feature is primarily designed to allow the grouping of related lines and to keep any lines in the group from being invoiced until all lines have been fulfilled. You may find additional uses for the fulfillment functionality in your business.

How It Works
The fulfillment activity is a seeded workflow activity named FULFILL. This activity is the synchronization point between the lines of a fulfillment set. There are two activities which are considered fulfillment method activities (workflow attribute) in seeded Order Management workflows.
• For a standard shippable line the fulfillment method activity is the shipping activity.
• For a return line the fulfillment method activity is the receiving activity.

You may define any activity as the fulfillment method activity in a workflow process.
The fulfillment activity must be between the fulfillment method activity and the invoice interface activity in the respective workflows. When a line workflow reaches the fulfillment activity, the activity checks to see if the fulfillment method activity (for example, shipping or receiving) completed successfully.
If the line completed successfully, the fulfilled quantity for the order line will be updated with the shipped or received quantity, and the order line fulfilled Order Management Processes 5-5 flag is set to Yes. The fulfillment process then performs a check to verify if the line is part of a fulfillment set:
• If the line is not part of a fulfillment set, then the order line completes the Fulfillment activity and continues with the next activity within its order line workflow process.
• If the line is part of a fulfillment set, the fulfillment process performs an additional check to verify if remaining lines within the set have been fulfilled:

If any lines within the set are not fulfilled, the order line will wait at the fulfillment activity.
If all lines within the set are fulfilled, the order line completes the fulfillment activity for all the lines within the fulfillment set.


No setup is required to use the fulfillment functionality with the seeded workflows. If you create your own workflows, include the fulfillment activity before invoicing in each process. This will provide two benefits: Update the fulfilled quantity for the lines and enable you to use fulfillment sets.

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