Freight Costs

You can define allowable freight costs and suggested amounts for shipments. These amounts are applied at ship confirm or once a delivery line is planned(Action LOV in transaction form). You can add multiple freight costs to a shipment from the list of allowable freight cost types that you define.

You can also define multiple freight costs for a specific freight cost type. For example, if you want to track different types of insurance, you can create different insurance costs under the insurance freight cost type such as liability insurance or shipping insurance.

When you add freight costs at ship confirmation for a foreign currency order, you can use either your functional currency or the order's foreign currency. If you use your functional currency, the freight charges are converted to the order currency
through Oracle Receivables.

If you want to pass freight costs entered in the Shipping Transactions form to Oracle Order Management for invoicing, then you have to set up a pricing modifier.

Navigation : Setup -> Shipping -> Fright carriers, Cost type -> Fright Cost types




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