Freight Carrier Ship Methods

A freight carrier is a commercial company that transports shipments to and from customers, suppliers, and internal organizations. You must set up each carrier’s information as a party in Oracle Shipping Execution before shipping goods; you
should assign a carrier to each delivery. You also must associate a general ledger account with each carrier to collect associated costs.
Before you set up the carriers:
■ Collect general information about each carrier
■ Determine the types of services that your carriers offer and that you use

To define a freight carrier:
1. Navigate to the Carriers window.
2. Enter the Name and Short Name for the carrier.
3. Enable the Active and Enable Manifesting check boxes if applicable.
4. In SCAC Code, enter the standard carrier alpha code.
5. Enter the carrier’s Default Currency.
6. In the top portion of the Main tabbed region, enter address and site information for the carrier.
7. Navigate to the Services tabbed region.
8. Select the Service Level for this carrier.
Examples of Service Level include: next day air, ground, and next day air early AM.

9. Select the Mode (of transportation) for the carrier.
After you enter each Service Level and Mode combination, Oracle Shipping Execution assigns a ship method and displays it in the Ship Method field. The format of the generated ship method is <carrier short name>-<transportation mode>-<service level>, for example, Truck-LTL-Ground.

10. Select Enable if you will be assigning this ship method to organizations and to deliveries in Oracle Shipping Execution. Select Web Enable if you will be assigning this ship method in Oracle iStore.

11. Save your work.


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