Assigning Workflows to Transaction Types

Select appropriate workflows for your order type and line types. Several header and line workflows are seeded. You can perform all standard OM processing including orders, returns, drop ship orders, orders for configured items and orders for assemble to order items using only seeded workflows. You may also define your own workflows if you need additional steps (such as notifications) or additional processes.

The combination of the order type, the line type and the item type determine the workflow that a line will have. For this reason, you define the line workflows from the order type workflow definition window. Press the Assign Line Flows button. Enter the order type. For each combination of line type and item type that you want to use with this order enter a line in the Assign Workflow processes window. The line types are the ones that you defined. The item types are based on the definition of the items in the inventory module and include values such as standard item, kit, and PTO model. If you leave the item type blank the workflow process that you define will be used for all item types.


Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Inventory

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