Tax Code & Rates

Set up tax rates for your tax statuses and tax jurisdictions. For tax statuses, set up a tax rate record for each applicable tax rate that a tax status identifies. For tax jurisdictions, set up tax rate records to identify the tax rate variations for a specific tax within different tax jurisdictions. For example, a city sales tax for a state or province may contain separate city tax jurisdictions, each with a specific rate for the same tax.

You can also define tax recovery rates to claim full or partial recovery of taxes paid. You can define tax jurisdiction and tax status rates as a percentage or as a value per unit of measure. For example, a city may charge sales tax at a rate of 8% on most goods, but may levy a duty tax with a special rate of $0.55 per US gallon on fuel. Values per unit of
measure are in the tax currency defined for the tax.

You define tax rate codes and rate detail information per rate period. Rate periods account for changes in tax rates over time. A tax rate code can also identify a corresponding General Ledger taxable journal entry.

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