Collection Elements


Collection elements are the basic building blocks of collection plans, which are the data structures that you use to collect Quality results.

Before you can collect Quality data, you must first create a collection plan. You begin by creating collection elements, which define the characteristics of the product or process that you want to monitor, record, and analyze. In general, collection elements:

  • Identify the object that you are collecting information about; for example, a unique lot or serial number.
  • Provide reference information about the quality collection; for example, the operation sequence from Oracle Bills of Material, the purchase order number, or the transaction date.
  • Provide cross–reference information for analysis; for example, supplier, customer, or department.
  •  Represent a quality characteristic; for example, voltage, viscosity, defect code, or symptom.

1. When you define collection elements, you are creating data fields that you can use in collection plans to collect quality results. Once you create a collection element, it becomes available as a selection on a list of values that you can choose from when you set up collection plans. You can create an unlimited number of your own collection elements (which are referred to user–defined collection elements), or you can use any of Oracle Quality’s predefined collection elements in your collection plans. You also can create collection elements by copying them from one collection plan into another.

2. Collection elements are generic until you use them in collection plans. Whenever you use collection elements in collection plans, they are associated with the plans and thereafter are referred to as “collection plan elements.” Collection plan elements can have different actions, specifications, or values that make their use specific to that collection plan.

For example, you can define a collection element called Color that has the values red, yellow, and blue, then use it in a collection plan where you assign it all of these values and also assign it additional values, such as orange, and green. The next time you use Color in a collection plan, you can choose whether to use the Color collection element that has the values red, yellow, blue, or copy in the Color collection plan element, which has the values red, yellow, blue, green and orange.


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