Inventory Planning and Replenishment

Oracle Inventory lets you manage your inventory levels using any combination of the system’s planning and replenishment features, including min–max planning, reorder point planning, kanban replenishment, and a replenishment system for generating orders.

Inventory planning involves answering 3 questions:

When to Order?
Typically, you should order when:
on-hand quantity + supply - demand < minimum inventory level
The minimum level is a safety stock designed to be on an exception basis to meet
demand or inventory while waiting for replenishment.

How Much to Order?
Typically you should order a quantity that balances the cost of placing an order with the cost of carrying inventory while covering expected demand. You then create a requisition to replenish inventory from another organization or a supplier.

Which Planning Methods to use ?
• Reorder-point planning (organization)
• Min-max planning (organization and subinventory)
• Replenishment Counting
• Vendor managed
• Kanban planning
• Material-requirements planning: Master Production Scheduling/Master Demand Scheduling (organization)

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Inventory

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