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You can use the same window to enter counts of items requested via automatic or manual cycle count scheduling. If unscheduled count entries are allowed for your cycle counts, you can enter those also. Oracle Inventory automatically queries up all count requests for which you have not yet entered a count. You can use flexible search criteria to specify the group of count requests for which you want counts entered to speed up the count entry process. For example, you can specify a range of count request sequences assigned to one person so they can be entered in the same order they were printed on the count sheet.

To select the cycle count to use:
1. Navigate to the Cycle Count Entries window from the menu or choose Counts from the Cycle Counts Summary folder window.
2. Enter the name of the cycle count for which to enter counts.
This information is provided if you navigate from the Cycle Counts Summary folder window, and the Find button is not available.
3. Enter the date the cycle count was performed.
4. Enter the name of the employee who performed the cycle count.
5. Enter the general ledger account to which to charge adjustments from this cycle count. The default is the adjustment account you entered while defining your cycle count.
Inventory performs a cycle count adjustment by creating a material transaction for the quantity and sign (plus or minus) of the adjustment. The transaction debits or credits the adjustment account depending on the direction of the transaction.
6. Display the count requests you want to enter.
You can choose the Find button to query all open count requests. If you choose not to query all open requests, you can either:
  • Enter counts individually by entering existing sequence numbers. When you enter an existing sequence number the details for that request display. You only need to enter the quantity counted.
  • Use the find feature on the Query menu to query a subset of count requests matching the search criteria you enter. You can search by any combination of count sequences, item, revision, subinventory, locator, or lot. You can also indicate whether to include recounts.

To enter scheduled counts:
1. Select the Count tabbed region.
2. Enter the quantity that you counted for your item. Inventory uses this quantity with the specified unit of measure to determine the value of the cycle count adjustment.
Note: When you perform a recount, the quantity field on the adjustments tab is populated with the previously entered
3. Save your work.

To enter unscheduled counts:
1. Navigate to the Cycle Count Entries window from the menu.
2. Choose the Find button and select No. This enables you to enter items and counts manually.
3. Enter the item for which you are entering counts.
4. If your item is under revision control, enter the revision for which you are entering counts.
5. Enter the subinventory for which you are entering counts. You can enter only subinventories that track quantity on hand.
6. If this item is under locator control, enter the locator for which you are entering counts.

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