Oracle iExpenses

With Oracle Internet Expenses,
  • Employees can enter and submit expense reports using a standard Web browser or a Web-enabled mobile device.
  • Oracle Workflow automatically routes expense reports for approval and enforces reimbursement policies.
  • Oracle Internet Expenses integrates with Oracle Payables to provide quick processing of expense reports for payment.
This chapter provides an overview of the features and processes in Oracle Internet Expenses.

Expenses-related Workflows:
There are five workflows related to Internet Expenses:
Expenses, Credit Cards, Expenses Analysis, Expense Receipts, and Expense Holds.
  • Expenses Workflow manages the notifications between managers, accounts payable, and users related to reviewing and approving expense reports.
  • Credit Cards Workflow manages the notifications related to the processing and management of credit card transactions.
  • Expenses Analysis Workflow sends notifications when proxy reporting access is granted.
  • Expense Receipts Workflow manages the notifications related to submitting receipts and missing and overdue receipts.
  • Expense Holds Workflow manages the notifications related to placing and releasing holds on expense reports.
Manager Approvals:
Internet Expenses works together with Oracle Approvals Management (AME) and Oracle Workflow to automatically route expense approvals and notifications to cost center owners, cost center business managers, project managers or award managers. Approval notifications provide managers with all information with which to make informed decisions, including the reimbursable amount displayed in the approver's currency and expense lines that were split and charged to their own cost centers. 

Use Oracle Approvals Management to build routing rules for expense reports based on header or lines information. Use the Expenses Workflow to manage the routing of notifications to and from managers, auditors, and users.

Integration with Other Applications:
Internet Expenses works together with other applications to provide a full array of services devoted to managing and streamlining
every aspect of the expense report process. These include:

  • Oracle Payables. Use Payables to create expense report invoices and to manage the processing of credit card and procurement card transactions.
  • Oracle Projects. Internet Expenses integrates with Oracle Projects to enable users to add project-related information on expense reports.
  • Oracle Grants Accounting. Oracle Grants Accounting extends the functionality of Oracle Projects and integrates with Internet Expenses to enable users to enter award information on their expense reports and collect reimbursement from the award that sponsored the activity.
  • Oracle Approvals Management. Use Oracle Approvals Management to build routing rules for expense report approvals.
  • Oracle Application Framework. Oracle Application Framework lets you personalize the display of Internet Expenses without modifying the underlying code.

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