Entering Natural Accounts for a Book

1. In the Book Controls window, choose the Natural Accounts tabbed region.

2. Enter Retirement Accounts.
You can set up your gain and loss accounts so that Oracle Assets creates individual journal entries for each component of the gain/loss amount to separate accounts, or to a single account for the net gain or loss.

3. Enter Intercompany Receivables and Payables clearing account numbers.

4. Enter Deferred Depreciation Reserve and Deferred Depreciation Expense accounts.

5. Enter the general ledger account that you want to use as an offset account for the entry against accumulated depreciation when you perform reserve adjustments.

6. Enter the Account Generator default segment values for this book’s journal entries.
By default, Oracle Assets creates journal entries without cost center level detail for all accounts except the depreciation expense account. Using the default assignments, it creates journal entries using the balancing segment from the expense account in the Assignments window and the account segment from the asset category or book, depending on the account type. The Account Generator uses the other segments from the default segment values you enter for the book in this field.

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