Assets Accounting & Report

Fully Reserved Assets Report

Use this report to find the assets that became fully depreciated in a range of accounting periods. The report is sorted by period, balancing segment, asset account, and asset number. It prints totals for each asset account, balancing segment, and period.
The report prints a line for each of the periods the asset is fully reserved which fall in the period range you requested. If you adjust a fully reserved asset, the report only shows the asset in the period you adjusted it if it again becomes fully reserved. If you run the report for a range of periods an asset may appear more than once on the report.

You must enter a Book and From/To Period range when you request this report.

Asset Accounting
Asset Addition
Asset Cost A/C Dr.
                               Asset Clearing A/C Cr.

Asset Depreciation
Asset Depreciation A/C Dr.
                                       Depreciation Reserve A/C Cr.

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