2.2. Overview of the Mass Additions Process

The mass additions process lets you add new assets or cost adjustments from other systems to your system automatically without reentering the data. For example, you can add new assets from invoice lines brought over to Oracle Assets from Oracle Payables, or from CIP asset lines sent from Oracle Projects. The steps in the mass additions process are described below:

Steps in the Mass Addition Process
1. Create - Enter invoices in Oracle Payables, or source information in any other feeder system. Run Create Mass Additions for Oracle Assets in Oracle Payables, the Interface Assets process in Oracle Projects, or use the interface to convert data from other systems.

2. Review - Review mass additions to become assets. Add mass addition lines to existing assets. Split, merge, or adjust mass additions.

3. Post - Post your mass additions to Oracle Assets.

4. Clean up - Delete unnecessary and posted mass additions. Purge deleted mass addition lines from Oracle Assets.

Mass Addition Queues
Each mass addition belongs to a queue that describes its status, and the queue name changes according to the transactions you perform on the mass addition. You can define your own mass additions hold queues in the QuickCodes window. The following table describes each Oracle Assets mass addition queue name:

Check the attached document for step by step process of Perform Asset Mass Addition.doc

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