Security Control

Controlling Secure Access
Data Security

You can limit users to information relevant to their organization. For example, you can limit access for order administration clerks to sales orders associated exclusively with their sales office.

Inventory Organization Security by Responsibility
You can specify which inventory organizations are available to users in each responsibility. The Choose Inventory Organization window automatically limits available inventory organizations to those authorized for the current responsibility.

Responsibility Determines Operating Unit
Your responsibility determines which operating unit you access when you use Oracle Applications. When you use Oracle Payables, Receivables, Order Management and Shipping Execution, Purchasing, Projects, and Sales Compensation you see information that is relevant to your operating unit. All transactions you create are automatically assigned to your operating unit.

Sell And Ship Products From Different Legal Entities
Sell from One Legal Entity, Ship from Another Legal Entity
When you enter sales orders, you can choose any inventory organization as the shipping warehouse. The shipping warehouse may be in a different legal entity than the operating unit that enters the sales order, and it may post to a different set of books.

Use the Choose Organization Window to Choose Inventory Organization
After you choose your responsibility to perform materials management functions using Oracle Inventory, Work in Process, Bills of Materials, Master Scheduling/MRP, Capacity, or Purchasing, you must use the Choose Organization window to pick an inventory organization.

Intercompany Accounting
Automatic Intercompany Sales Recognition
Sales orders created and shipped from one legal entity to a different legal entity automatically generate an intercompany invoice to record a sale between the two organizations.

Posting Intercompany Invoices to Different Accounts
You can define different accounts for Trade and Intercompany Cost of Goods Sold and Sales Revenue to eliminate intercompany profit.

Report at the Legal Entity or Set of Books Level
In addition to reporting at the operating unit level, you can report at the legal entity or set of books level.

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Inventory

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