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You can set the concurrent program controls to improve the performance of the Journal Import, MassAllocation/MassBudgeting, and Open Period programs. For example, you can speed Journal Import by increasing the number of journal lines it holds in memory.
By increasing concurrent program control values, you increase the amount of memory the Journal Import or MassAllocation/
MassBudgeting programs can use, thereby increasing their throughput.

The total amount of main memory required for the programs and your accounting data is:
Size of program (Journal Import or MassAllocation/MassBudgeting) + Memory used for journal lines held in memory (Journal Import or MassAllocation/MassBudgeting) + Memory used for accounts held in memory (MassAllocation/MassBudgeting only)


For the Open Period program, you can specify a rollback segment to be used whenever the program runs. Open Period typically requires a rollback segment larger than that used for normal transaction processing. The Concurrent Program Controls window allows you to assign the large rollback segment once during your setup procedures. You can override the concurrent program control values. If you do not enter your own values, General Ledger uses default values that work well for most installations.

1. Navigate to the Concurrent Program Controls window.
Note: The Applicable Programs region displays the programs to which the concurrent program controls apply:
Control Segment — MassAllocations/MassBudgeting/MassEncumbrance, Journal Import
Number of Accounts in Memory — MassAllocations/MassBudgeting
Number of Journal Lines to Process at Once — Journal Import, MassAllocations/MassBudgeting
Archive Journal Import Data — Journal Import
Rollback Segment — Open Period

2. Enter a Control Segment to minimize the list of accounts that
MassAllocations/MassBudgeting must search during validation.
This should be the account segment with the largest number of different segment values. The default value is the natural account segment. You must choose an indexed account segment. When you define your chart of accounts, you typically index one or more segments of your account. To create these indexes, you must run the General Ledger Optimizer.

3. Enter the Number of Accounts in Memory. The more accounts MassAllocations/MassBudgeting can hold in memory, the faster the program will run. If you do not enter a value here, your program process 2500 accounts at once.

4. Enter the Number of Journal Lines to Process at Once. The more journal lines the Journal Import and MassAllocations/ MassBudgeting programs can hold in memory, the faster they will run. If you do not enter a value here, your concurrent programs process 1000 journal lines at once.

5. Choose to enable Archive Journal Import Data. When this check box is checked, the data in the GL_INTERFACE is saved to GL_INTERFACE_HISTORY at the end of each Journal Import run.
Note: If this check box is enabled, Journal Import runs slower.

6. Enter the name of the Rollback Segment to use whenever you run the Open Period program.

Storage Parameters for Interim Tables
You can change the storage parameters for all interim tables and indexes in General Ledger. Several concurrent programs in General Ledger use interim tables as temporary storage space for transaction ata. These programs create interim tables when they start and drop them when they finish.

Although the default storage parameters meet the needs of most installations, you can increase interim table allocations if the default parameters are inadequate. The following General Ledger concurrent programs use interim tables:
MassAllocations: GL_ALLOC_INTERIM
Archive and Purge: GL_ARCHIVE_BALANCES,
Budget Posting: GL_BUDGET_INTERIM,
Create Summary Accounts: GL_SUMMARY_INTERIM

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