Statistical Units of Measure

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Define statistical units of measure if you want to enter both statistical and monetary amounts for the same account within a single journal entry. You can maintain any type of statistical account, including headcount, number of units produced or sold, and so on. You associate a single unit of measure with an account segment value. You must also enable the profile option Journals:Mix Statistical and Monetary.

Note: To enter both statistical and monetary amounts for budget journals, you must assign accounts to your budget
organization using both monetary and STAT currencies. Also, you cannot enter statistical amounts for budget journals if you
are using budgetary control.
Use the Units of Measure Report to review your statistical units of measure and the account segment values to which you assigned them.

To define a statistical unit of measure:

1. Navigate to the Statistical Units of Measure window.
2. Enter the Account segment value that you want to associate with a statistical unit of measure. You can only enter detail account segment values (no parent account segment values), and you can enter only one unit of measure for each account segment value.
You can change the unit of measure associated with an account segment value at any time.
3. Enter a Unit of Measure name and Description. For example, you might enter a unit of measure ”Hours” with a description ”Hours Worked.”
4. Save your work.

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