Entering Statistical Journals

General Ledger provides two ways to enter statistical journals. You can enter journals with only statistical debit and credit amounts. If your user profile permits, you can also combine monetary and statistical amounts in the same journal line.
Note: Statistical journal entries do not require balanced debits and credits.
Note: If you use Multiple Reporting Currencies, statistical journals will be copied to your reporting sets of books, but the journals are not affected by the currency conversion process.

To enter a statistical journal:
1. Navigate to the Enter Journals window.
2. Enter optional batch information.
3. Enter your journal information, specifying STAT for the journal Currency.
4. Enter your journal lines, using statistical debit and credit amounts.
The debits do not need to equal credits for a statistical journal.
5. Save your work.

To enter a combined statistical and monetary journal:
1. Set the profile option Journals:Mix Statistical and Monetary to Yes.
2. Define statistical units of measure for the natural account segment values for which you want to combine statistical and monetary journals.
3. Navigate to the Enter Journals window.
4. Enter optional batch information.
5. Enter your journal information.
6. Enter your journal lines, using debit and credit amounts in any monetary currency.
7. Enter the statistical Quantity for each journal line. General Ledger automatically displays the Unit of Measure associated with the natural account segment value for the line.
8. Save your work.

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