Entering Budget Amounts

Enter budget amounts for your accounts to replace any existing budget balances. You can enter budget amounts for each account in the budget organization one–by–one, or you can use worksheet mode to enter budgets for several accounts at once.

  • Budget rules enable you to distribute budget amounts for all periods.
  • General Ledger does not create journal entries when you use the Enter Budget Amounts window. Use the Enter Budget Journals window if you want to create journal entries to maintain an audit trail for your budget amounts.
  • You cannot enter budget amounts for a budget that is frozen.
1. Specify the Budget Organization for the accounts to which you want to budget. If the budget organization is password-protected, you must enter the password before you can enter budget amounts.

2. Enter the Budget for the amounts you are entering.
Note: You cannot enter amounts for a budget that is frozen. If the budget that requires journals, you must use the Enter
Budget Journals window.

3. Enter the range of Accounting Periods to which you want to budget.

4. Enter the Currency of the budget amounts you are entering. The accounts must be assigned to the budget organization for this currency.

5. Choose the Single Row Mode tab to review and enter budget information for one account at a time. You will also see a total for all budget periods when you use Single Row mode.
Query the Account to which you want to budget by specifying one or more segment values (or wildcards).
Note: If you rearranged the display sequence of your account segments when you defined your budget organization, you still enter your account query criteria in numerical segment order.

6. Enter budget amounts for periods in the designated range, or use budget rules to calculate and distribute budget amounts for all periods.

7. Choose Post to submit a concurrent request that updates your account budget balances.

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