Viewing Cost Information

You can view Material, Labor, and Equipment costs of Maintained Numbers, Activities, and Work Orders. In addition, you can see detailed or summarized views of actual, estimated, or variance cost information. When viewing the parent Maintained Number, you can view just the parent Maintained Number’s costs, or the costs of the parent and child Maintained Numbers, rolled up to the Parent level.

Within both the forms application and Maintenance User profile, different costs are viewable. In the forms application, you can see costs for Work Orders and Activities. In the Maintenance User profile, you can view the costs of Work Orders
and Maintained Numbers.

To view cost information within the forms application

1. Navigate to the Work Order window. Find a Work Order that you want to view costs for.

2. Choose Costs.

3. Optionally, manually re-estimate selected Work Orders’ costs by choosing Estimate Work Order. After chosen, the Work Order Cost Estimation process executes to re-estimate the costs for all selected Work Orders. You can optionally first choose Select All to automatically select all Work Orders to re-estimate.

4. In the Accounting Information By Period region, choose the dates that identify the accounting period you want to view.

5. Choose Value Summary.

6. You can view total Material, Labor, and Equipment costs for the cost categories associated with the current Work Order. You can view totals for actual, estimated, or variance costs, depending on the tabbed region you select.

  • Actual Costs: The Actual Costs tabbed region displays the accumulation of the costs of the material and resource transactions (of the current maintenance Work Order), based on the specified period(s).
  • Estimated Costs: The Estimates tabbed region displays the estimated costs of the material and resource requirements of the current Maintenance Work Order. The Work Order Cost Estimate Processor executes in the background to provide .updated, estimated cost information. You can also manually launch this process via a concurrent request.
  • Variance Costs: The Variances tabbed region displays the difference between the actual costs and estimated costs.

7. For the selected cost category, choose Details to view the Material, Labor, and Equipment costs for individual operations on the current Work Order’s routing. You can view totals for actual, estimated, or variance costs, depending on the
tabbed region you select.

8. Choose Distributions to view the specific accounts charged for an individual operation.

9. Return to the Cost Details by Operation Window. Choose Detailed Estimates to display the details of the Work Order’s required material and resources, and any direct items associated with the Work Order.

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