Setting Up Attributes

You can define common characteristics data specific to Asset Groups, such as Facility Information, Engineering Specifications, Regulation Requirements, Horsepower, Voltage, and Square Footage, by creating Attribute Groups using descriptive flexfields. After the Attribute Group is created, you can then assign it to a Maintained Group. This enables you to define additional characteristics data when defining an asset associated with the Maintained Group. This provides extensive query capabilities. Attribute groups are descriptive flexfields, defined by segments and values.

For example, you can define an Attribute Group, Front Loader Nameplate data. This group can then be associated with the CARS Maintained Group. When defining an asset within the CARS Maintained Group, you can optionally utilize the attributes to specify nameplate data (specified data such as make, year, and model)
for the asset. This creates a simplified way of entering specified data related to a specific Maintained Group.

To set up Attributes:

1. Navigate to the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window.
2. Select the flashlight icon from the tool bar. From the list of values, select the Oracle Inventory Application with the Title, Asset Attributes.
3. Unfreeze the Flexfield Definition by deselecting the Freeze Flexfield Definition check box.
4. In the Context Field Values region, select a row, then click the New icon. A blank row will be added for you to create an attribute group.
5. Enter the attribute group name in the Code field.
6. Optionally, enter a Description for this attribute group.
7. Select Segments to add attributes to the attribute group you just created.
8. Enter a Number to sequence the data.
9. Define the Name of the specific attribute. The Window Prompt will default to this name.
10. Select a Column value from the list of values.
11. Select a Value Set from the list of values, or optionally, select Value Set to create a new one.
12. If the Displayed check box is selected, this attribute will display to the user
when defining data for an asset within the Maintained Group (for example,CARS) associated with the attribute group (for example, NAMEPLATE) that this attribute (for example, Make) resides in.
13. Optionally, select the Enabled check box to enable the attribute to be available when defining assets.
14. Save your work, and return to the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window.
15. Select the Freeze Flexfield Definition check box. Failure to do this will prevent you from querying the segments from the Attribute window.
16. Save your work

To associate the Attribute Group with a Maintained Group:

1. Navigate to the Attributes Assignment window.
In the below example, any asset created within the CARS Maintained Group will have the NAMEPLATE attribute group available as an option for data entry.
2. Select a Maintained Group from the list of values.
3. Select an Attribute group from the Attribute Group Code list of values. You can have an unlimited number of Attribute Groups associated with an asset.
4. Save your work.

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