Rebuild Work Orders

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Manufacturing

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Rebuild Work Orders are created as child Work Orders.
For example, a Work Order was issued for the inspection of a pump. During the pump inspection, you found that the motor, one of the components of the pump, is problematic. You have two options: You can repair and then re-install this motor (rebuildable item), or you can replace the rebuildable item by issuing a new motor rebuildable item from inventory. If you choose to perform a material issue from inventory, the new motor rebuildable item attaches to the Work Order, automatically creating the child, rebuild Work Order number associated to the parent Work Order. In this case, the Maintained Number genealogy would automatically update to identify this new item number.

If you choose to repair and then re-install the problematic motor rebuildable item, you can manually create the child rebuild Work Order for the old motor (rebuildable item). The instructions below show you the option of creating a rebuild Work Order
without issuing any new material. The rebuildable item needing to be rebuilt is replaced back into the asset (motor placed back into the pump, for example), and does not go to a subinventory when the Work Order is completed. In this case, the Maintained Number genealogy is not updated.

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