Preventive Maintenance Work Orders

Enterprise Asset Management enables you to generate Work Orders automatically based on meter readings,Day Interval Rule (runtime intervals), and List days (calendar days). Preventive maintenance Activities reduce the probability of failure or degradation of the assets’ physical conditions. These Activities are carried out periodically, by usage, or based on the condition of a Maintained Number (asset or rebuildable item). Meters are entered to measure any Maintained Number that needs to be measured and periodically serviced, based on the measurement. For example, a pipe may start out at 12 millimeters, but when it wears to only four millimeters, it needs to be replaced.

Scheduling definitions
are defined to create forecasted, scheduled Work Orders, based on meter readings. You can create a Preventive Maintenance scheduling definition for a Maintained Number/Activity combination, or an Asset Route. After you have defined Preventive Maintenance scheduling definitions, the Preventive Maintenance scheduler process can run. You can view these forecasted Work Orders using the Maintenance Workbench.

You can execute the Generate Preventive Maintenance Work Orders process. When this process runs, the WIP Mass Load process runs in the background, creating forecasted Work Orders in a status of Unreleased. You can choose the Implement button to change the status of the Unreleased Work Orders to Released Work Orders.

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