EAM Integration

eAM eliminates the need for point solutions that offer a limited, "flat" view of an asset by expanding the visibility and ownership of an asset throughout an entire organization. Different entities may describe an asset in several ways:
■ fixed asset to an accounting department
■ leased asset to facilities management
■ piece of production equipment to operations
■ inventory item to materials management
■ maintainable asset to mechanical engineers

eAM incorporates the above views of an asset through a single entity. An asset is an entity for which users can report problems. Assets can be cooling towers, cranes, buses, buildings, conveyors, or anything that needs work. eAM provides the
flexibility to address the many types of assets through the definition of the following:
■ asset groups and attributes
■ asset links to an enterprise
■ asset costs and work history
■ asset activities and meters

By first establishing Maintained Groups, you can define assets that are virtually identical and asset characteristics that can be inherited by the assets belonging to that group. Detailed information, such as nameplate data, engineering specifications, property detail, and other searchable characteristics are defined with asset attribute elements and values. Maintained Groups also define a default master bill of materials (BOM) for assets. This BOM can be edited for specific assets. Virtual assets can be designed to create a network of assets or routings. This combines several assets to a single work activity.

Oracle eAM enables you to quickly identify plants and facilities using an Asset Navigator. You can view details of an
asset, such as cost, hierarchal (parent/child) information, and launch transactions. You can also view current or historical configurations, and work details of an asset. As rotable, inventory items of an asset are removed and re-installed from an asset, the asset genealogy and parent/child meter readings are recorded automatically. Attributes, such as cost history, bills of material, and document attachments can be associated with a specific asset.

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