Defining Resource Requirements

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Manufacturing

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You can view, update, add, or delete resource requirements for a Work Order.
Resources are used to perform a task for a maintenance operation. A resource is an employee, piece of equipment, or contractor service, used to perform an operation. A resource and usage rate for all scheduled Activities is required in a routing. Contractor services are defined as work services provided by an organization or person who is not an employee of your company. Contractors are paid for their work based on an agreed upon contract or agreement. For example, within maintenance work environments, it is often important to include landscaping services within a Work Order. It is also important to relate the purchasing transactions, such as the requisition and purchase order, to the Work Order. In order for this to be executed, the appropriate steps must be completed in Purchasing and Enterprise Asset Management.

When you define your departments, you assign the resources available in each department and the shifts that each resource is available. For each operation you define, you specify a department and list of resources and usages. An operation can use any resource that is available in the department, but you do not need to use all resources assigned to the department. An operation can also use resources that are owned or borrowed from other departments.

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