Defining Material Requirements

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When you enter a Work Order for a Maintained Number, the Maintained Number’s associated Activity attaches the required material and resources to complete its operations. However, you can update, add, view, and delete material requirements as necessary for a specific Work Order.

To define Work Order material requirements

Navigate to the Select Work Order window, Choose a Work Order from the list of values and  Choose Continue.
Optionally, within the Inventory Items region, you can view or update the current Work Order’s associated Maintained Number’s item list by placing your cursor in the Material field, or by choosing Select Materials. When you choose Select Materials, the current Maintained Number’s associated Asset Bill of Material items are available to add to the required material for the current Work Order.

1.1. Optionally, select the Main tabbed region to change operation sequence and the Date Required.
If you access the Select Materials window via the Operations window, then you cannot change operation information. If you access the Select Materials window via the Work Order window, you can change operation information.

1.2. Optionally, select the Quantities tabbed region to update the quantities

1.3. Optionally, select the Supply tabbed region, to select a supply Type and Subinventory from the lists of values.

1.4. Optionally, select the Comment tabbed region to enter information for the current Material.

1.5. Optionally, choose the ATP tabbed region to define available to promise information for the current material. If you select the ATP Allowed check box, available to promise information can be calculated for the current material.
optionally, choose Check ATP to check available to promise information for the selected material.

2.1 Optionally, choose Direct Item to create requisitions for direct items, and add them to your items list. Oracle Self Service Purchasing defaults the Work Order Number and Operation Number, as well as the class code information for correct expensing. Direct Items are one time, non-inventoried items that are purchased directly from the supplier. After you choose Direct Item, the current Work Order and operation reference values are passed to the requisition created. If the Work Order is project related, then the project and task information is captured in the purchase requisition.

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