Oracle Data & Migration

The sets of data required by Oracle Applications can be broadly classified in to 4 categories

  • Master Data : Item, Customer, Vendor, Bank Accounts, etc.
  • Opening Balances: On-Hand Quantity of Items, GL Balances, etc.
  • Open Transactions : Open Purchase Orders, Open Sales Order, Open Invoice etc.
  • Set-up Data :  Item Categories, Stock Locators

Similary source of data can be classified as

  • Existing Applications : DB2, Tally, SMS, etc.
  • Electronic Data : Comming through EDI in formats of Excel, Word, etc.
  • Hard Copy Data : In Registers
  • Non - Existent : Equipment Master, Collect and then migrate

The above diagram depicts the high level Data Migration approach from Legacy to ORACLE.

At a minimum, the data migration from Legacy to ORACLE consists of these tasks:

  • Extracting the data from Legacy data base.
  • Loading the extracted data into staging area.
  • Mapping and transformation of source data.
  • Migrating source data from staging area into target data base.

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