ATO - Preconfigured Items

Inventory and BOM
1. Create an ATO Model.

2. Create an ATO item and put the above created model as base model in bom item attribute.

3. Switch to bills responsibility and create the required routing for the ATO model.
4. Switch to bills responsibility and create the bom of ATO Model and make it common bill if required.
4. Create a preconfig bom for the ATO item by using configure bill and make it common bill so that the same bill structure exists in both the OM item validation org and manufacturing org.
Order Manegment and WIP
1.  Go to OM and add the pre configured item to the price list and crate a sales order for it.
2. Book the sales order and the line status 'll be changed to Supply Eligible.
3. Create supply order
Actions -> Progress Order -> Create supply order
Go to Actions, select Progress Order and click on ok. 
In elligible activities select Create supply order and click on Ok.

After the request AutoCreate Final Assembly Orders completes the line status would be changed to Production Open. from the request out put we can get the wip job number.
4. Release, move and partially complete the WIP job i.e. complete part of the sales order quantity.

5. Change responsibility to OM and check the status of the sales order. The status should be Production Partial
go to WIP and complete the rest of the quantities, the status of the SO should now change to Awaiting Shipping
6. Pick and ship the sales order.
Launch pick release in shipping transaction form.

Create deliver & trip as required and pack it before doing the ship confirmation.

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Inventory

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