Workday Exceptions

There are three ways to apply exceptions to the workday calendar:

  • selecting individual exception days
  • loading them from an exception template, another calendar, and another calendar shift
  • copying a set of exceptions from another calendar

An exception template allows you to create groups of exception dates and apply them to different calendars. You can define multiple workday exception templates that define different holidays and scheduled down times for different organizations. Multiple exception templates can be applied to the same calendar. As each template is applied, new exception dates are added to the exception list for that calendar.

Conflicts on a particular date between one template and another are resolved as follows:
• if the exception date already exists in the target calendar, it is not copied
• if the exception on day falls on a workday, the exception is copied but is redundant and has no effect on the calendar
• if the exception off day falls on a non-workday, the exception is copied but is redundant and has no effect on the calendar
This allows you to define different holidays or scheduled down times, for example, for organizations in different countries. Different organizations can use the same calendar, but apply different exception dates. In addition, you can apply the same exception dates to different organizations.

You can optionally define exception templates, lists of exception dates, before you set up your workday calendar. Then when you define your calendar, you can choose an exception template, and apply its exception dates to that calendar.

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