For a given workday calendar, you can specify any number of shifts. Each shift can have a different weekend schedule and a list of specific work interval start and end times. For both calendars and shifts, you can assign sets of workday exceptions and repeating workday patterns.

Shifts inherit workday exceptions and workday patterns from the base calendar. Shift exceptions can either add to or override those of the base calendar. If an exception on the base calendar changes, those shifts that do not have an overriding exception on that date will automatically reflect the change. Those shifts that do have an overriding exception on that date will not reflect the change and must be changed manually if they are to reflect the change in the base calendar.

Shift exceptions are applied to a calendar the same way as workday calendar exceptions by selecting individual exception days, by defining exception templates, or by copying a set of exceptions from another shift. The following diagram illustrates the steps Bills of Material uses to determine workdays from an organization's workday calendar and exception template information.

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