Resource Setup Information

You can create a performance model for machine and resource setups to include time from one setup to another, including the time required to perform the work. If one of your scheduling objectives is to sequence or group jobs based on their required setup, you can also include a penalty factor—or weighted value—in the scheduling

Resources defined in the Operation Resources window can have multiple setup types. You can define these setup types with an identifying user code or a numerical value. Any two setup types within a resource can have a transition time and a transition
penalty, which means that the scheduler needs the specified time to transition from the former setup to the latter. Also in doing so a certain transition penalty is incurred. This penalty is used to weigh the relative merits of doing the setup versus delaying the job versus cycle time.

The setups for a resource are independent of the department that the resource belongs to.
The setup type for a particular operation resource is defined in the Operation Resources window. This data displays in the Resource Requirements window during routing explosion. Setup resources and resource instances are only exploded during scheduling.

To define machine and resource setup types:

1. Navigate to the Setup Types window.
2. In the Code field, enter a unique value for this setup type. Optionally you can enter descriptive information in the Description field.
For example, you may have different codes for setting up and tear down of paint color changes.
3. Save your work.

To assign setup times to resources:
1. Navigate to the Resources window.
2. Select your resource.
3. Choose Setups. The Setups window displays.
4. Select the setups for which you want to define changeovers.
To select a setup, use the arrow button to move the setup from the Available column to the Selected column. Use the double arrow button to move all setups from the Available column to the Selected column.
5. Save your work.

6. Choose Changeovers to access the Changeover Times window.

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