You can define the roles which represent what an employee can do for a required task. For example, a role could be defined as Cycle Counter, or a Case Picker.

To group employees by resource:

1. Navigate to the Employees window. Do this by choosing the Employees button from the Resources window. You can choose the Employees button if the Resource is a Person type.

2. Select an Employee from the list of values to associate with the resource. If you defined skills in the Resources window, then only those employees that have the competence, skill level, and qualification required for the resource appear in the
list of values.

3. Save your work.

Note: If you have Warehouse Management installed, you can use the Resources form to define employees qualified for each resource. For example, a hazardous materials manual resource is indicated by entering the resource name and description, as well as which employees are capable of performing hazardous material tasks. See:

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