Assignment Sets

Once you have defined your sourcing rules and bills of distribution, you must assign them to particular items and/or organizations. These assignments are grouped together in assignment sets. This is where your various sourcing strategies define a particular supply chain network.

Each assignment set to represents selection of organizations and/or items you want planned. To influence the planning process, you must include an assignment set in your plan options.

In an assignment set can assign your sourcing rules and bills of distribution at different levels, as follows:

  1. Global
  2. Organizations
  3. Categories
  4. Categories Organizations
  5. Item
  6. Items Organizations

These levels allow you to assign a replenishment rule to as many or as few items as possible. For example, a category of items could be defined as packaging material, and a sourcing rule that identifies the suppliers could be assigned.

1.1. Enter an assignment set name and description.
Note: The assignment specified in profile option MRP: Default Sourcing Assignment Set is the only one used by Oracle Purchasing for its processing

2.1. Select an Assigned To type.
Note: You can assign a sourcing rule or bill of distribution to a category only if you have updated the profile option MRP:Sourcing Rule Category Set. See: MRP:Sourcing Rule Category Set

2.2. Enter an organization name, if the Assigned To type requires one.
Note: You cannot assign customers modelled as organizations to a global sourcing rule

2.3. Enter the name of the customer to which you want to assign a sourcing rule or bill of distribution.

2.4. Enter the specific site to which you want to assign a sourcing rule or bill of distribution.

2.5. Enter an Item/Category if you selected Item or Item-Org as the Assign To type.

2.6. Enter the sourcing rule or bill of distribution as the Type.

2.7. Enter the name of the sourcing rule or bill of distribution.

Assignments Hierarchy
In the following table, rows below override rows above them. Columns on the right override columns on the left.

1. After defining the soucing rule and assignment set one needs to enter the default asignment to be used in the profile option MRP:Default Sourcing Assignment Set.

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