Merging Suppliers

Although the system prevents you from entering duplicate supplier names, you may inadvertently define the same supplier by using two different names. For example, you might enter ABC Corporation and ABC Corp, or you might enter a contractor under his name and his company name. You might also create duplicate suppliers if you import suppliers from another accounts payable system.

  • Use Supplier Merge to combine two or more suppliers that you identify as duplicates. You can update purchase orders and invoices for the old supplier to refer to the new supplier. The Supplier Merge window also enables you to merge supplier sites so that any sites assigned to an old supplier can be reassigned to the new supplier.
  • When you merge suppliers, you transfer invoices, purchase orders, or both from one supplier and site to another supplier and site. You can transfer to a new supplier and site unpaid invoices only or all invoices (including paid and partially paid invoices). Oracle Payables will not merge invoices if the merge would create a duplicate invoice for a supplier.
  • For best auditing results, transfer both paid and unpaid invoices to a new supplier and site so you can identify duplicate payments easily. Also, transfer both purchase orders and invoices to a new supplier and site so all invoice and purchase order information refers to the same supplier.
  • After you have merged suppliers, Oracle Payables automatically prints the Purchase Order Header Updates Report and the Supplier Merge Report as an audit trail of your supplier merge activity. The Supplier Merge Report also lists any duplicate invoices that it did not merge. Research the duplicated invoice. You can then update the invoice number if the invoice has not been paid or posted.
Merging Suppliers

(N) Suppliers—>Supplier Merge
1. Select which invoices to transfer from the Old Supplier to the New Supplier: All, Unpaid, or None. Also make sure the New Supplier site is a Pay Site, because you can only enter an invoice for a supplier that is defined as Pay site.
2. Select the PO check box if you want to transfer purchase orders. The New Supplier Site must be a Purchasing Site, because you can only enter purchase orders for a Purchasing Site.
3. Enter the Old Supplier Name and Site and the New Supplier Name in the appropriate fields.
- To copy the Old Supplier Site to the new Supplier, select Copy Site; do not enter a New Supplier Site. During the merge, Oracle Payables enters the merge date as the inactive date for the Old Supplier Site and creates a new site for the New Supplier with the information you selected to transfer.
- To merge the Old Supplier Site information with the New Supplier Site information, do not select Copy Site; enter one of the New Supplier’s existing sites in the Site field. During the merge, Oracle Payables enters the merge date as the inactive date for the Old Supplier site and combines all of the information you selected with the New Supplier Site.
4. Check Merge to transfer the information from the Old Supplier to the New Supplier.

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