Enter Invoices with Matched PO & Receipts

You can match Payables invoices to purchase orders to ensure that you pay only for the goods that you have ordered, or you can match to purchase order receipts to ensure that you pay only for goods that you have received. Purchase order matched invoices are invoices that you match to any of the following:

  • Purchase order shipments
  • Purchase order receipts
  • Purchase order receipt lines
  • Purchase order distributions

Matching Invoices to PO

Oracle Payables shares purchase order information from your purchasing system to enable online matching with invoices. Match your billed (invoices) items to the original purchase orders to ensure that you pay only for the goods or services you
ordered. If you are billed for an item over the amount and quantity tolerances you define in the Invoice Tolerance window, during approval, Oracle Payables applies a hold to the invoice, which prevents payment.

You can match a single invoice to multiple purchase order shipments, or you can match multiple invoices to a single purchase order shipment. Oracle Payables ensures that you match only to purchase orders for the supplier on the invoice and that the purchase order and invoice currencies match. 
When you enter an invoice and match it, Payables automatically creates distributions for you and checks that the match is within the tolerance you define.

After you save the match, Payables updates the quantity or amount billed for each matched shipment and its corresponding distribution(s) based on the amount you enter in the Quantity Invoiced field. Payables also updates the amount billed on the purchase order distribution(s).

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