Receipts Batches

Use the Receipt Batches window to create receipt batches or to query existing batches. Batching receipts lets you:

  • View the difference between your control and actual batch counts and amounts as you process your receipts. These differences can alert you to data entry errors, missing or lost receipts, or duplicate entries.
  • Group related receipts together to share default attributes such as receipt class, payment method, and automatic numbering.
  • Manage the time–consuming task of data entry. For example, you have many receipts to enter and want to divide the work among several people. You can create one batch and have each person entering receipts add them to the same batch.
  • You can add duplicate receipts to a batch. Duplicate receipts are receipts that have the same number, amount, and customer information.
  • You can post a receipt batch to your general ledger regardless of its status.
  • You can delete a receipt batch only if it does not contain any receipts.
  • Receivables lets you add receipts denominated in different currencies to a batch. However, the total in the Receipt Batches window reflects amounts entered in all currencies, not the batch currency. For example, if there are two receipts in a batch, one for 400 USD and one for 200 EUR, the total amount for this batch is 600, regardless of the batch currency.

Batch Statuses
A batch has a status that indicates whether it is complete. Receivables automatically updates the status of a receipt batch when you add new
or apply existing receipts in the batch. A batch can have one of the following statuses:
New: This is a new batch that does not yet contain any receipts.
Out of Balance: The actual count and amount of receipts in this batch do not equal the control count and amount.
Open: The actual count and amount equal your control count and amount. However, you have not applied, identified, or placed on–account one or more receipts.
Closed: The actual count and amount match the control count and amount. All of the receipts in this batch have been either applied or placed on–account.

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