Customer Account

Oracle Cloud Customer Account

You can create multiple customer accounts for a party, to maintain information about different categories of business activities. For example, to track invoices for different types of purchases, you can maintain an account for purchasing office supplies and another account for purchasing furniture.

You can also maintain multiple customer accounts for a customer that transacts business with more than one line of business in your organization.

Information about a party such as profile, addresses, and contacts can be shared across a party's customer accounts. In addition, you can also maintain separate profiles and contacts, along with the contacts' contact addresses and contact points, for each customer account.


Use customer account relationships to manage the sharing of billing and shipping services and payment activities between two accounts. Account relationships let you identify customer accounts that can receive shipments or invoices for another account, as well as accounts that can pay for the open debit items of other accounts.




A customer account relationship is either a one-way relationship or a reciprocal relationship. By default an account relationship is one-way, meaning that the parent account can apply receipts to open debit items of the related account, but receipts in the related account can't be applied to open debit items of the parent account. If you want to allow the two accounts to pay for each other's open debit items, then enable the Reciprocal option for the relationship definition.

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