Creating Automatic Adjustments

Run AutoAdjustment to automatically adjust the remaining balances of all open invoices, debit memos, credit memos, and chargebacks. You can adjust specific transactions by entering selection criteria such as remaining amount, due date, transaction type, customer name, or customer number.

When you run AutoAdjustment, Receivables automatically creates your pending or approved adjustments based on your approval limits, and prints preview and audit reports for your AutoAdjustment processes. If you enter a Remaining Amount range that exceeds your adjustment approval limits, Receivables displays a warning message and your approval limits when you submit. If you choose to continue, Receivables creates adjustments with a status of Pending Approval. If the Remaining Amount range you specify is within your adjustment approval limits, Receivables automatically approves your adjustment.

Oracle Applications Fusion Cloud - Inventory

Oracle Cloud/Fusion Procurement training will help you develop the fundamental skills required to set up and use the Procurement module. This training covers all the tasks, setups, forms and reports used in Procurement and related modules