AutoInvoice Line Ordering Rules

Define invoice line ordering rules for transaction lines that you import into Receivables using AutoInvoice. AutoInvoice uses these rules to order transaction lines when grouping the transactions it creates into invoices, debit memos, and credit memos. You can assign a line ordering rule to each grouping rule.

You also assign transaction attributes to your line ordering rules. AutoInvoice uses these attributes to order invoice lines. You can assign a priority to these attributes for each of your invoice line ordering rules. You can also specify an ascending or descending order for each transaction attribute assigned to a rule. Active invoice line ordering rules appear as list of values choices in the Grouping Rules window.
Suggestion: If you are importing transactions from Oracle Order Management, create an invoice line ordering rule with
the attribute SALES_ORDER_LINE to list the items on the invoice in the same order as they appear on the sales order.

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