AutoInvoice Interface Tables

Oracle Receivables uses three interface tables for AutoInvoice:


AutoInvoice transfers transaction data from the above three interface tables into the following Receivables tables:



  • This table contains information relating to all transactions to be processed by AutoInvoice. Transactions include invoices, debit memos, credit memos, and on-account credits.
  • Each record contains line, tax, freight, or finance charges information.
  • The Line_Type field identifies the type of information contained in the record.
  • A record can be a parent record: Line, Header Freight, or Charges; or a child record: Tax or linelevel Freight.
  • A child record is linked to the parent record using the Link-To Transaction flexfield.


  • This table contains accounting distributions to be used by the transactions defined in RA_INTERFACE_LINES.
  • Accounts defined in this table override any accounts created using AutoAccounting.
  • You can choose to pass some or all account information to AutoInvoice. Any accounts that are not passed will be derived using AutoAccounting.
  • Records in this table are linked to records in the RA_INTERFACE_LINES table using the Transaction flexfield.
  • Not required if AutoAccounting determines GL distributions.


  • This table contains all sales credit information for the transactions in the RA_INTERFACE_LINES table.
  • The two tables are linked using the Transaction flexfield.
  • Not required if not tracking sales credit.

Transaction flexfields

  • Transaction flexfields are descriptive flexfields that AutoInvoice uses to uniquely identify transaction lines.
  • Because they are unique for each transaction line, they can also be used to reference and link to other lines.
  • Receivables lets you determine how you want to build your transaction flexfield structure and what information you want to capture.
  • Define a flexfield for each import source. Specify which one to use during import.

Types of transaction flexfields

  1. Invoice Header (optional): Specifies invoice header information
  2. Line (required): Uniquely identifies invoice lines
  3. Link-To (optional): Link tax and freight to invoice lines
  4. Reference (optional): Links credit memos to transactions

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