Auto lockbox

what is LockBox

  • Process where customers mail payments to a post office box near your remittance bank and the bank deposits the payments in your account at regular intervals
  • Bank provides you with computer files detailing about the receipts and their application
  • Receivables uses AutoLockbox to import details about receipts directly into the system

Benifits of Auto LockBox

  • Eliminates manual data entry
  • Streamlines the application of receipts to outstanding transactions
  • Effectively manages cash flow by reducing turnover for converting checks into cash

Use of Auto LockBox

  • Apply receipts to outstanding invoices
  • Import historical receipt data
  • Autolockbox reports, such as the Post Quikcash Execution Report, are a good tool to reconcile autolockbox

Prerequisites for Auto LockBox

  • Set up agreements with banks
  • Define lockboxes in Oracle Receivables
  • Define AutoLockbox transmission formats
  • Define receipt classes and payment methods
  • Test AutoLockbox transmission with bank

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