2.1 Entering Parties and Customer Accounts

To minimize the possibility of creating duplicate party or customer accounts, search parties or customer accounts before entering new accounts. In organizations with more than one person entering or maintaining customer account information, duplicate parties or customer accounts might be created.

1. The default procedure, enforced by the Find/Enter Customers window requires that a search, as described in the next section, must be completed before you can create a new customer account. You can set up your application to directly enter a new customer account by setting the Bypass Find/Enter Window profile option to Yes. Bypassing a search of existing parties or customer accounts before entering a new party or customer account is not recommended because
duplicate parties or customer accounts could be more frequently entered.

At the bottom of the Find/Enter Customers window, you can select an Exact or a Fuzzy search type. The default search type is Exact. You can perform a fuzzy search if you enter at least one of these search criteria:
  • Name for an Organization customer account type
  • First name and last name for a Person customer type
  • Address
  • Postal code
  • First name and last name in the Contact region

2. If any customer exists then the below window 'll be shown

1. Notice the party number and customer number. There exists two customer numbers under party number number 100917 and customer number 32170890 has two different addresses in the same OU and so is shown twice in the window.
2. The customer number can be same in two OUs (Similar to suppliers).

Note the following in the Match Results window:

  • The title bar of the Match Results window displays the Customer Type used for the search and the search criteria.
  • If a party has multiple customer accounts, the party name displays (indented to the right) in the Name column next to each customer account.
  • If the Identifying Address Flag check box is checked, then other party sites could exist for this party.
3. Create a new customer and party
If no possible matches are found, click the New button to create both a new party and a new customer account at the same time. When you enter information about your customer both a new party and a new customer account are created. You do not have to separately create a new party and a new customer account.
Enter the new Party  name, customer number and account name. Once the record is saved a new party number is automatically created.
 Click the Cancel button to return to the Find/Enter Customers wind.

4. Create a new customer against an existing party
To create a new customer account for an existing party, highlight the row for that party, then click the OK button.

New customer entery form opens with the existing organization number(party number). You can change the party name and customer number and enter a new account name.

Save the record after entering all the details.


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