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INVOICE_ID : Unique identifier for this invoice within this batch. Same value should be populated in invoice's lines in the AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE table to identify the data as belonging to the same invoice.

INVOICE_NUM :  Enter the invoice number that needs to be assigned to the invoice created in Payables from this record. The number must be unique for the supplier. If no value is populated in this column, then during import, Payables uses the system date at the time of import as a default.

PO_NUMBER : Purchase order number from PO_HEADERS.SEGMENT1. This column needs to be populated if invoice to be matched with an purchase order.

VENDOR_ID NUMBER : Unique identifier for a supplier. Validated against (PO_VENDORS.VENDOR_ID). Supplier of the invoice to be derived by value in one of the following columns in this table: VENDOR_ID, VENDOR_NUM, VENDOR_NAME, VENDOR_SITE_ID or PO_NUMBER.


This is the open interface table for importing AP Invoices from external sources and stores header information about invoices. Invoice data comes from sources including: EDI invoices from suppliers that are loaded through Oracle e-Commerce Gateway, supplier invoices that are transferred through the Oracle XML Gateway, invoices that are loaded using Oracle SQL*Loader, lease invoices from Oracle Property Manager, Disbursements from Oracle loans, lease payments from Oracle Assets, credit card transaction data that are loaded using the Credit Card Invoice Interface Summary, Expense Report invoices from Oracle Internet Expenses, Payment Requests from Receivables, and invoices that are entered through the Invoice Gateway. There is one row for each invoice you import. Oracle Payables application uses this information to create invoice header information when Payables Open Interface program is submitted.

Data in the AP_INVOICES_INTERFACE table used in conjunction with AP_INVOICE_LINES_INTERFACE table to create Payables Invoice, Invoice lines, Distributions and Schedule payments.

Data in this table can be viewed and edited using 'Open Interface Invoices' window.
The Payables Open Interface program validates each record in this interface table selected for import, and if the record contains valid data then the program creates a Payables Invoice.

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